Hydro-Jal Plus


Benefits of Hydro-Jal Plus Ionized Alkaline Water

  • Release excess body fat and stored toxins
  • Normalize blood sugar and insulin
  • Normalize blood pressure
  • Relieve asthma and chronic respiratory infections
  • Stop abnormal gastro-intenstinal putrefaction
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Improve wounds healing
  • Reduce proliferationof Candida, fungus and undesirable microforms
  • Helps for Weight loss
  • Help for Clear and Healthy Skin
  • Increase Hydration
  • Detoxifying and cleansing
  • Balance body pH level
  • Increase blood oxygenation
  • Neutralize free radicals
  • Improve energy and reduce fatigue

Product Description

Hydro-Jal Plus Alkaline water ionizeris unique and useful product.

  • It creates Alkaline and acidic water with ionization process.
  • It’s high level filtration system separates organic and harmful inorganic elements.
  • It does not use any chemical content to increase or decrease pH value of water.
  • It prepares full of Anti-oxidants water.
  • It creates ideal negative ORP value water to drink.
  • It creates micro-clustered water which deeply penetrates in cells of body to quench thirst.

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